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Payroll outsourcing services

Enjoy the peace of mind of outsourcing your payroll to our team of qualified Irish payroll experts—saving you time, money and hard work.

Trusted, flexible and compliant payroll outsourcing

We know how tiresome in-house, manual payroll is. From managing complex pay runs to keeping up with changing payroll legislation, our team of experts will deliver on all the hard work for you.

Free up your valuable time

Hand over the tedious payroll work and save yourself and your team time.

From freeing up administrative work to paying your employees, you’ll have a lot more time to focus on the things that matter most.

Build the best payroll experience

Because a great payroll experience equals a great employee experience.

We’ll always work with you to follow best practices, improve your processes and ensure accuracy in your payroll so you deliver the right pay, on time, every time.

Trust in Irish payroll experts

Our full team of payroll professionals become a true extension of your team to deliver the hard work for you.

That’s a full dedicated team making sure everything is accurate and compliant at all times.

Fully managed payroll services tailored to your organisation

We’re experts in payroll and Irish legislation, so we’ll tailor our payroll services to your organisation and build a process that works for your unique needs.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to payroll, so we’ll work to understand your organisation inside and out so we can make your payroll simpler, smarter and streamlined.

While setting up our organisation, Nia was most patient and helpful with HR advice , the creation of our Staff handbook and the setup of our payroll system.

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Say goodbye to inefficient, time-consuming payroll

Cintra Ireland’s fully managed payroll services, at a glance…

Cloud-based and secure

You’ll have access to our cloud-based portal to enter your payroll and people data. Accessible anytime, anywhere, you’ll have full flexibility and control over your data.

Simplified data entry

We make it as easy as possible for you to input and upkeep your payroll data, so we have everything we need to run your payroll with total accuracy.

Compliance management

Our team of experts keep you up to date with Irish payroll and tax legislation, keeping you fully compliant in your entire payroll cycle.

Bespoke reports

We provide a suite of key reports with all the information you need, or you can request bespoke reports from our team.

Payslips and payroll documents

We’ll get all payroll documents required by Irish law to your employees for you, like their payslips, so you don’t have to.

Centralised records and reporting

All of your data and reporting are managed by us and kept together under one roof for you to access.

Holiday and absence bookings

Manage leave for all your employees in our centralised holiday and absence management platform.

Employee self-service

Your employees can easily access their payslips and payroll documents using our employee self-service portal.

Accurate calculations

Ditch the calculators and let our team accurately calculate pay and deductions for you, saving you time and effort.

Payroll expertise at your fingertips

Offer your people the best payroll experience. Our fully managed payroll service also includes:

Frequently asked questions

Payroll outsourcing, or fully managed payroll, is the process of handing over the responsibility of running payroll to a third-party provider, like Cintra Ireland.

You’ll still be responsible for sharing your payroll data with your provider, such as hours worked, salary changes or leavers and starters. But your outsourced payroll provider will manage pretty much everything else. That includes compliance, calculations and deductions, reporting and filing tax forms, paying your employees—the whole works.

With Cintra Ireland, you’ll have a dedicated payroll supervisor who will be your main point of contact.

But as a Cintra Ireland customer, you’ll have a full team of Irish payroll experts to run your payroll for you. You’ll never be reliant on just one person to process everything for you, ensuring total service continuity. You’ll never have to be dependent on just one person.

Our team are all qualified and experienced in their respective fields, with specialist knowledge spanning all industries and organisation types. We’ll get to know you and your team so we can offer a personal, tailored service to make sure we’re delivering exactly what your organisation needs.

Now backed by PSSG, we’ve got access to great expertise and resource across a whole network of payroll and HR professionals, ensuring we’ll always have the knowledge and services you need.

The cost of outsourcing payroll varies depending on the specific needs of your organisation, as well as the number of employees you have. Once we have discussed your requirements with you, we provide a no-obligation quote which outlines in detail the cost of outsourcing your payroll to Cintra Ireland.

Yes! We’re fully up-to-speed in Irish payroll and tax legislation and will make sure your entire payroll cycle is fully compliant. We’ll also keep you up to date with any legislative changes, helping to ease the burden for you.

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Tailored support and guidance to help you navigate change and transformation.


Unlimited access to expert
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Contracts and handbooks that build successful relationships between your employees and organisation.


Drive long-term, sustainable success with tailored strategic guidance.

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