Strategic HR Services

Bespoke HR documentation and policy writing

We’ll help you establish customised HR policies, procedural documents and benefits that align with your goals, reduce risks and boost employee satisfaction.

Crafting bespoke HR documents and policies for success

Our bespoke HR documentation services help you to create a healthy and productive workplace culture while staying fully compliant with employment legislation.

Fully customised to your organisation

All policies and documents we create for you are tailored to your organisations unique needs and goals.

Total compliance with employment legislation

All your policies and documents will be fully compliant with Irish employment laws and regulations, offering you extra peace of mind.

Ensure clarity and consistency

Your HR policies and documents will be clear and easy to understand, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring consistency in your HR practices.

Improve employee engagement

Well-crafted policies and documents improve employee engagement and satisfaction by setting clear expectations and promoting a positive work culture.

HR policies and documents that empower your teams

Our team of experts stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements, industry standards and best practices, so any bespoke documents and policies we create for you are fully compliant.

And they’ll be personalised to your organisation’s unique needs, making your HR processes and procedures more effective and efficient—creating positive experiences for your employees.

Specialist HR policies and procedure drafting

We know that HR policies and documents can be unique from organisation to organisation. We’ll work to understand what it is you want to achieve, and draft personalised policies especially for you and your teams. That might include policies like:

Drug & alcohol

We’ll help you promote a safe and healthy working environment by mapping out your requirements around drugs and alcohol use, including testing protocols and supporting procedures and policies.

Driver compliance

Our policy writing service can help you develop driver compliance policies and procedures that comply with regulations and ensure the safety of your teams.

Annualised hours

We can create an annualised hours policy and process that suits your organisational needs and goals while ensuring compliance with applicable legislation.

Gifts & hospitality

Minimise the risks of conflicts of interest and unethical behaviour with a clear and concise policy on gifts and hospitality.

Qualification & professional registration

We’ll draft a policy and procedure that helps you support the professional development of your employees while staying compliant with industry standards.

Ensuring compliance and effectiveness in all your HR policies

Our policy review service will make sure all your HR policies are serving their purpose and contributing to the success of your team. That includes:

Great to find a company who can tailor their service to your needs! Friendly team, who are always contactable when needed. Service has always been timely and professional.

Julie-Ann Hughers, Business Manager,

Apposite Capital LLP

Set your employee benefits apart from the competition

With our benefits co-ordination service, we’ll help to give you an edge over other employers by managing your benefits for you.

We’ll take care of everything from employee queries to liaising with providers, supporting you with benefits such as:


Outsourced HR and Payroll Services


Outsourced payroll services with our team of qualified Irish payroll and HR experts.


Tailored support and guidance to help you navigate change and transformation.


Unlimited access to expert
advice on an array of workplace issues.


Contracts and handbooks that build successful relationships between your employees and organisation.


Drive long-term, sustainable success with tailored strategic guidance.

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bespoke HR documentation and policy writing

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