Strategic HR Services

Legal obligation compliance and investigations

Our qualified team manage investigations and audit your HR documents and processes to ensure you’ve met your legal obligations—eliminating bias and ensuring compliance.

Protecting your organisation with strategic HR support

Our legal and investigations services provide comprehensive support to help you navigate HR issues with confidence, from investigations and compliance to tribunal preparation and beyond.

Get expert legal guidance

We offer expert guidance and support from experienced professionals who’re well-versed in HR law, helping you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Mitigate legal risks

We’ll help you to minimise legal risks and stay fully compliant by making sure that your practices during complex legal situations are in line with regulations and best practices.

Conduct thorough investigations

We offer thorough investigations to ensure that all relevant facts are gathered and analysed, providing a clear picture of the situation and aiding in the decision-making process.

Expert HR support for legal peace of mind

When it comes to HR issues, legal risks are a major concern for any organisation. That’s why we’re here to provide expert support that minimises risk and maximises peace of mind.

Our team of experts are committed to delivering solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re facing a HR investigation or simply need guidance on compliance, we’ll help you navigate complex HR issues with confidence.

Don’t let legal concerns hold you back.

Expertly manage complex investigations

We’re here to help you through the investigations process with total compliance and efficiency, with a range of supporting services, including:

Conduct interviews

We provide skilled interviewers who will ensure a comprehensive and unbiased process that uncovers the facts and witness statements .

Collate evidence

We’ll collate the evidence of your investigations, ensuring that all relevant information is considered—providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

Outcome reporting

We go the extra mile by producing detailed outcome reports for your investigations, providing a clear and concise summary that helps you take appropriate action.

Strategic advice and guidance

Alongside conducting thorough investigations, we also offer strategic advice and guidance, helping you prevent and manage similar issues in the future.

Workplace Relations Commission Audit preparation

We can help you with WRC audit reparation—ensuring that you're fully compliant and ready to support your decisions and actions, giving you peace of mind and minimising legal risks.

Full compliance

Our services ensure full compliance for investigations, providing a thorough and fair process that ensures impartiality minimises your organisation's legal risks.

HR compliance audits

Ensure total compliance and confidence in all your HR processes

Our compliance audits help to ensure that your HR policies and practices are in line with regulations and best practices, providing peace of mind and minimising legal risks. Our audits include:

As a fast growing Investment Bank, we have found their support and guidance invaluable. Their approach and advice have always remained professional even when working to tight deadlines.

Tony Scawthorn, Director

Liberum Capital

Why Cintra Ireland?

We're your partner, not a supplier. Our experts become a true extension of your team to help you deliver the very best of HR across your organisation.

Specialists in HR and payroll

We have all the payroll and HR knowledge and resource you need to offer the best solutions for your people.

Legislative expertise

We’re experts in payroll and HR legislation, always keeping you fully compliant with Irish employment law.

Backed by PSSG

Cintra Ireland is part of the Payroll Software and Services Group, bringing a wealth of investment and expertise to the table.

An extension of your team

It’s important to understand your organisations unique needs, so we work closely with your team to get your service exactly right.

Extensive support

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our dedicated team who always strive to deliver excellence.

Smart technology

As a Cintra Ireland customer, you’ll have the option to access an award-winning suite of software solutions.

Outsourced HR and Payroll Services


Outsourced payroll services with our team of qualified Irish payroll and HR experts.


Tailored support and guidance to help you navigate change and transformation.


Unlimited access to expert
advice on an array of workplace issues.


Contracts and handbooks that build successful relationships between your employees and organisation.


Drive long-term, sustainable success with tailored strategic guidance.

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